Human Rights 


Freedom of Expression 



“Freedom and AI” take us deep into understanding the essential facets of AI, starting with its definition and its operational dependence on algorithms.

We explore how AI collects and interprets data and consider the potential risks it may pose. We delve into the intersection of AI and human rights, examining its influences and impacts. We further probe into the realms of freedom of speech and privacy, scrutinizing how AI shapes these fundamental rights. We ask whether AI is creating an internet singularity, becoming a dominant force that defines our online experiences. We seek expert opinions and forecast the future of AI, while also taking into account public perceptions and expectations.


  1.  AI and Algorithm
  2.  AI and Human Rights
  3.  AI and Freedom of Expression
  4.  AI and Content
  5.  AI and Data
  6.  AI and Use Behaviour
  7.  AI and Ethics
  8.  AI Regulation and Protection

Freedom and AI

The “Freedom and AI” initiative is fundamentally conceptualized to elucidate and edify individuals about the profound implications of AI on our freedom of expression.

This project serves as a convergence point for a diversified audience, which includes experts, civil society members, ordinary citizens, academic scholars, representatives of the technology industry, and various international stakeholders. The aim is to cultivate dynamic and interactive dialogues, contributing to an enhanced understanding of the role AI plays in shaping our freedoms of expression.

The emphasis here is on creating a comprehensive platform where the complexities of AI can be demystified and its broader societal implications can be critically analyzed. The discussions focus not only on the technical aspects of AI but also on its intersection with human rights, its influence on freedom of speech, privacy rights, and the possibility of an AI-dominated internet singularity.

A holistic approach is adopted to include perspectives from all quarters. Expert opinions, providing a broader understanding of AI’s future trajectory, are sought, while public opinions and expectations are equally valued.

Finally, an open invitation is extended to all, to share thoughts, insights, and opinions on this pressing topic. Through collective understanding and collaborative efforts, the challenges posed by AI are navigated, contributing towards shaping our shared digital future.


Albert Cahn
Founder & Executive Director at Surveillance Technology Oversight Project

Alexandra Petruș
Co – Founder Bucharest AIt

Aleksandra Iskra
Advocate, the founder of AIskra Law Firm
Partner of Women in AI Association Poland

Barbora Bukovska
Senior Director for Law and Policy, ARTICLE 19

Carina Zehetmaier
CEO & Co – Founder at Taxtastic

Cezara Panait
Affiliated expert on digital platforms
and Artificial Intelligence

Cristiana Deca
Data Protection Expert, Decalex Digital

Deniz Wagner
Adviser at Office of the OSCE
Representative on Freedom of the Media

Danilo Novaković
Product Designer and Founder, Purezeen

Djordje Jančić
Digital Marketing Strategist

Ella Jakubowska
Policy Advisor, EDRi

Irene Bratsis
Data Scientist , Women In Data NYC

Jacob Turner
Barrister at Fountain Court Chambers

Jovan Njegic
Professor of vocational studies

Juila Hass
Office of the OSCE
Representative on Freedom of the Media

Katerina Yordanova
Researcher at KU Leuven, Centre for IT & IP Law

Katarina Andjelković
Researcher, DiploFoundation

Marion Mulder
Digital strategist, owner of MuldiMedia

Marko Rodić
Director, Music Harmony School

Nataša Perućica
PhD Candidate, Università degli Studi di Salerno

Ramon Rahangmetan
Co-Founder Circle of Sustainable Europe

Rania Wazir
Mathematician, Data Scientist

Richard Foster-Fletcher
Executive Chair, MKAI – The Inclusive AI Community

Valerie Hafez
Board member, Women in AI Austria

The OSCE, Representative on Freedom of the Media, Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence and Freedom of Expression (#SAIFE), supports the project.